Celebrating World Environment Day in the Shire


Today, Monday 5 June, is World Environment Day and Deputy Mayor Mandy McDonald urged residents of the Shire to keep the environment in mind today.

“One of the reasons the Shire is such a wonderful place is because of the amazing environment we live in… the freshness of the air we breathe, our gorgeous uncluttered open areas and our focus on not damaging or littering our community,” she said.

“We look after our patch so well that I don’t feel I need to tell people how to look after the environment… we’re doing it. But we can all do a bit better or a bit more and World Environment Day is a good day to keep the environment front of mind.”

This year, the focus of World Environment Day is `Solutions to Plastic Pollution,’ reminding people’s actions on how they use and dispose of plastics. Deputy Mayor McDonald said that, not only can governments and businesses play a role in legislating about the replacements of plastics where possible, but we can all make choices to use less plastics.

“Plastics are not biodegradable and just hang around for ever. So maybe today, start by not using a plastic straw, or not using a plastic bag, and make sure you dispose of all of your rubbish effectively,” she said.

“There are some good tips and information on the World Environment Day website so if you have a spare moment, have a look and see if there’s something more that you can do than you are currently doing.”

The Upper Lachlan Shire was the first carbon neutral Council in Australia and continues to seek ways to be environmentally conscious.