Tenders, RFQ’s and EOI’s

Upper Lachlan Shire Procurement

Upper Lachlan Shire Council sources goods and services via a range of procurement options, including public and selective tender processes, as well as sourcing via panels established by the state government and Local Government Procurement, as the prescribed authorities.

As a public authority, Council is required to demonstrate value for money, accountability, probity  and transparency in all procurement processes, which includes requiring our contractors to be sourced in accordance with the relevant regulations, and to provide Council with evidence of various insurance & compliance requirements.

Becoming a Council Supplier

Upper Lachlan Shire Council encourages the participation of suitably qualified local businesses in our supply chain, to support the high quality project outputs and services that we provide to the Upper Lachlan Shire community.

Upper Lachlan Shire Council has panels arrangements in place to select suitably qualified suppliers.

For more information regarding these opportunities please email procurement@upperlachlan.nsw.gov.au

Invitation to Quote, Tender and Expressions of Interest

Public tenders and selective requests for quote are advertised and will be received via Council’s e-tendering portal, Tenderlink.
Other types of quotations are advertised via VendorPanel, which is the approved sourcing platform for local government procurement. For further information regarding VendorPanel please refer to the below links (as relevant):-

For further information please email purchasing@upperlachlan.nsw.gov.au

Tenders Received

Contract award notices

In accordance with Section 27 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA), Council is required to maintain a register that records information about  each government contract which has (or is likely to have) a value of $150,000 or more.

Under Section 35 (2) (b) of the Act, Councils are required to publish their contracts register on their  website, making this page the centralised location for all current contracts entered into by Council since 1 July 2010. Registers for previous years can be accessed below.

Contracts that must be included in the government contracts register are certain classes of contract   between an agency and a private sector contractor for a value of $150,000 or more, and involve:

  • the contractor undertaking a specific project such as construction, infrastructure or property development
  • the contractor agreeing to provide specific goods or services
  • the transfer or lease of real property.

Employment contracts do not need to be included in the register.

Under section 27 (2) of the GIPA, information about Class 1 Contracts must be entered in the register and made publicly available within 45 working days of the contract being awarded.

Contracts award notices for contracts awarded

Contract Award Notices for Panels Awarded

Contract Register

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