Briefs from Extraordinary Council Meeting – 21 June 2022



There were no apologies. Clr Jo Marshall participated via video conference.

Committee of the whole

Council moved into Committee of the Whole to discuss the motion regarding the Crookwell to Goulburn Rail Trail.

Amended Motion

Council discussed the matter and amended the initial motion, which had been brought to the meeting by the Mayor, to the following:

  1. Council recognises and provides a letter of thanks to the Crookwell Goulburn Rail Trail Inc. on past years work on Goulburn to Crookwell Rail Trail project concept.
  2. Council note, a further feasibility study is being undertaken by Goulburn Mulwaree Council to update the costings and feasibility study of the project.
  3. Council review the imminent report(s) on the effect and success of the Tumbarumba and Northern Rivers Rail trails.
  4. Council continue to liaise and work together with Goulburn Mulwaree Council on tourism initiatives.
  5. Council further investigate cycling and tourism opportunities that will positively impact the Shire and occur within a shorter time period.
  6. Should the project progress, Goulburn to Crookwell Rail Trail committee undertake community consultation including 1-1 consultation with landowners.

Return to Open Council

Council returned to Open Council. On being put, the above motion was lost.

A foreshadowed motion was then put:

  • The Upper Lachlan Shire Council withdraw its support for the Goulburn to Crookwell rail trail to be established in the Upper Lachlan Local Government area and that Upper Lachlan Shire Council provides non-monetary support and advocacy to Goulburn-Mulwaree Council for the establishment of a Rail Trail within the Goulburn-Mulwaree Local Government area.

This motion was carried.

The Meeting closed at 2:41 PM.