Briefs from Ordinary Council Meeting – 16 February 2023



An apology was received from Cr D O’Brien. Cr P Culhane attended via Zoom teleconferencing for a short period.

Mayoral Minute

Council received and noted the activities attended by the Mayor in the period since the last Monthly Ordinary Meeting of Council.

Mayoral Minute – Resignation from Crookwell Community Consultation Committee (Health)

Mayor Pam Kensit advised that she had resigned from the Crookwell Community Consultation Committee (Health).

Model Media Policy

Council resolved to review the Model Media Policy after a Councillor workshop to be held in the next three months.

Reports received and noted

  • Development Statistics Report
  • Biosecurity Report
  • Works in Progress – Construction and Maintenance
  • Investments for the Months of December 2022 and January 2023
  • Bank Balance and Reconciliation – December 2022 and January 2023
  • Rates and Charges Outstanding for the Months of December 2022 and January 2023
  • Library Services 2nd Quarter Report 2022/2023
  • Grants Report
  • Action Summary – Council Decisions

Amendments to the Local Strategic Planning Statement

Council adopted the amended Upper Lachlan Local Strategic Planning Statement which will be uploaded to the NSW Planning Portal with a copy forwarded onto the office of the Department of Planning – Southern Region. A DIVISION was called in accordance with the requirements of Section 375A(3) of the Local Government Act, 1993.

Modification of DA 89/2017.2  – 24 Reservoir Road, Crookwell

Council resolved that this matter be deferred to a future Council meeting.

Crookwell Depot Workshop Alterations

Council resolved to allocate $120,760 held from Internal Restricted Reserve Uncompleted Carry Over Works for alterations to the workshop building at the Crookwell Depot. Council further resolved to source the remaining $54,240 of funding being requested, these funds will be utilised from Council’s unrestricted cash. Council will also discontinue investigating the potential sale of Crookwell Depot at this time.

Transfer of funds for Depot Administration Improvements

Subject to a formal quotation process, Council resolved to allocate money from Council’s Building Reserve to develop a design and cost estimate for improvements to Council’s Crookwell Depot.

Quarterly Budget Review Statements

Council endorsed the 2nd Quarter Budget Review Statements for 2022/2023 including revotes of income and expenditure to the Operational Plan; and endorsed the Operational Plan Performance Summary Report.

Delivery Program Bi-Annual Review 2022/2023

Council adopted the Delivery Program Review for the six-month period ended 31 December 2022.

Adoption of Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Council adopted the Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy and endorsed the organisation’s Commitment to Child Safety Statement.

General Manager

Mayor Kensit thanked the General Manager, Colleen Worthy on behalf of Council and the Shire for her efforts during her three-year service at Upper Lachlan Shire Council.

The General Manager thanked the Staff and Management Executive Team (Directors) for their efforts and support during her tenure and is looking forward to her retirement.

Reports from Committees for the month of February 2023

  • Breadalbane Hall Committee – AGM and Meeting Minutes for 20 November 2022.
  • Breadalbane Hall Committee – Chair’s Report – 2022.
  • Breadalbane Hall Committee – Letter advising change in committee.

Council resolved to write to the Breadalbane Hall S355 Committee accepting the newly appointed committee members Sylvie Hayles, Gayle White, Sally Hoskins, Christine McLean, Vanessa Edwards, Cr John Searl (Clr representative), Sally McLean, Karen Lyn, Jan Weir, Rod Edwards and Libby Webster.


Land Sale Contract – Lot 3 DP 1112816 Laggan Road, Crookwell

Council resolved to make an application to the Supreme Court for an order to rescind the sale of land contract to Crookwell Taralga Aged Care Limited being Lot 3 DP 1112816, Laggan Road Crookwell.

Multipurpose Aquatic and Activity Centre – funding for heated indoor pool

Council received and noted the report on Multipurpose Aquatic and Activity Centre as information only.

The Meeting closed at 4:06 PM. Next meeting to be held on 16 March, 2023.