Briefs from Ordinary Council Meeting – 16 March 2023



An apology was received from Cr P Culhane.

Presentation to Council

Chris Taylor, Regional General Manager of Southern NSW, Telstra made a presentation to Council.

Mayoral Minute

Council received and noted the activities attended by the Mayor in the period since the last Monthly Ordinary Meeting of Council.

Reports received and noted

  • Development Statistics Report
  • Investments for the month of February 2023
  • Bank Balance and Reconciliation – February 2023
  • Rates and Charges Outstanding for the month of February 2023
  • Grants Report
  • Action Summary – Council Decisions

Review of Pesticide/Herbicide Use Notification Policy

Council adopted the reviewed Pesticide/Herbicide Use Notification Policy.

Amendment to the Upper Lachlan Shire Council Local Strategic Planning Statement

Council required the applicant to provide further supporting documentation to address the STP buffer zone based on the NSW Water Directorate STP Buffer Zone Land Use Planning guidelines; and requested that the additional information be forwarded to the relevant Government Agency for consideration and comment.

Council requested that a further report be provided for consideration to amend the Local Strategic Planning Statement on completion of the above actions.

Access Committee – selection of new Members

Council resolved to write to the four following people advising them that they have been selected as new members of the Section 355 Access Committee:

  • Darren George
  • Samantha Cosgrove
  • David Johnson
  • Sharon Chan

Disbursement of former Collector Pumpkin Festival Committee funds

Council accepted the minutes of the Collector Pumpkin Festival one-off community grant meeting and endorsed the Committee’s recommendation. Council determined to release the restricted reserve funds totalling $83,555.95 to the Collector Bushranger Reserve Trust for Stage one of the Collector Pump Track project subject to the completion of a hydrology study/report being conducted on the entire area and all relevant surrounding land.

Reports from Committees for the month of March 2023

  • Tuena Hall & Recreation Area Committee – Minutes from Annual General Meeting held 22 February 2023.
  • Tuena Hall & Recreation Area Committee – Minutes from Meeting held 22 February 2023.

Questions with notice: MAAC

Refer to the business paper for 16 March 2023 Council Meeting for the Acting General Manager’s comments.

The Meeting closed at 2:39 PM. Next meeting to be held on 20 April, 2023.