Commissioner’s certificate of commendation received by Gunning Fish River Fire brigade


As part of the St Florians Day celebrations and award ceremony held at RFS HQ in Sydney on May 4 the Gunning-Fish River Rural Fire Brigade was awarded a Commissioner’s Certificate of Commendation. The citation reads:

The Gunning-Fish River Rural Fire Brigade is recognised for its commitment to protecting the Gunning community during a flood emergency in October 2022.

Called to assist the public at the Motel Gunning on 7 October, the Brigade found Meadow Creek was rising rapidly and threatening to inundate the motel and a residence.

The crew acted swiftly to prevent the floodwater entering the buildings, organising supplies of sand from council and gathering sandbags from village residents before starting work to fill the sandbags and transport them to the two properties.

The crews worked for six hours without break, building sandbag walls, re-directing water and setting up pumps to protect the two properties.

The crews managed multiple challenges overnight from sewer dump points flooding, a service station starting to flood and a number of homes coming under threat.

For its members’ resolute commitment in working beyond expectations to protect lives and property, the Gunning-Fish River Rural Fire Brigade is the worthy recipient of a Commissioner’s Certificate of Commendation (Unit).

Council Acting General Manager Alex Waldron praised the brigade for their official acknowledgement and for all of their efforts, seen and unseen.

“I would like to congratulate the brigade for your award of recognition and thank you for your tireless and selfless efforts to help the community in their hour of need,” she said.

“Volunteers are the cornerstone of our community and what makes the Upper Lachlan a great place to live.”

Award recipients: Captain Andrew Johnson, FF Sam Johnson, FF James Kenna, FF Danica Cole, DC Doug Fraser, FF Martin Stewart, DC Kyle Ireland, SDC Peter Johnson, FF Kacey-Lee Ireland, FF Joel Bulger, FF Peter Sutherland.