After extensive discussions at the ordinary meeting of council, the Upper Lachlan Shire Council has resolved to adjust service levels in various sectors due to budgetary considerations. This decision aligns resource allocation with the Council’s financial capabilities.

In mid-2023, the Council commissioned AEC Group to perform a financial sustainability audit on its operations and services. The findings, initially part of the now discontinued Special Rate Variation, are accessible on the Council’s website.

CEO Alex Waldron said “That over the past four months, concerted efforts involving discussions with staff, unions, and stakeholders have been made to ensure resource allocation is both efficient and within the Council’s means. These adjustments aim to balance service levels with our financial constraints,”

 Service reductions will impact the following areas:

1. Taralga Post Office

2. Sports Ground Preparation

3. Biosecurity

4. Council Commercial Leases

5. Visitor Information Centre

These changes come after a rigorous review of financial limitations and the prioritisation of core council services.

Mayor Pam Kensit acknowledged the impact of these decisions, particularly the cessation of operations at the Taralga Post Office and Community Service Centre. “It’s a significant service level reduction for the Taralga community, but with diminishing council-related transactions, we must concentrate on our core responsibilities to ensure financial stability moving forward,”

Mayor Kensit added that the Council will inform Australia Post about its decision to relinquish the license and discontinue operations on Friday August 9 2024, providing Australia Post with a three-month period to find a new licensee for the Taralga Post Office. “It is my hope that Australia Post sees the value of continuing a postal outlet in Taralga and actively engages in talks with a local business to take on the postal license.”

Additionally, the Council has decided to not continue operating as an accredited Visitor Information Centre and remove the familiar “I” logo. “While it may seem minor, the costs of maintaining accreditation do not justify the benefits,” explained Ms. Waldron. The Council will maintain a non-accredited VIC in Crookwell, which allows for greater flexibility and opportunities in tourism.

Through these measured adjustments, the Council is committed to maintaining the sustainability of vital services while responding to the community’s evolving needs.

A full copy of the public Council meeting minutes are available on Council’s website here