Crookwell Memorial Park toilets closed indefinitely


The Memorial Park public amenities (toilets) have sadly run their course after 80 years of service to the community.

They are now closed for the foreseeable future due to major failure of the old sewer pipes, resulting in regular blockages and safety issues.

The men’s amenities have been closed since November 2023 and the ladies’ amenities has subsequently failed and is now also closed.

Council CEO Alex Waldron said;

“Council have struggled for many months to keep these amenities open and with a lack of funds for a major overhaul, we have no choice but to close the facilities indefinitely.

Council will continue to investigate all options available and evaluate the resources required to bring the amenities back online for use by the public.”

In the meantime, the closest available amenities are located 200m away at 99 Goulburn Street between Get Creative in Crookwell and Crookwell Footwear & Workwear.