Response to USU


Media Release issued by Chief Executive Officer, Alex Waldron

Following the decision from Upper Lachlan Shire Council to discontinue the Special Rate Variation (SRV) application after receiving significant community feedback, Council is now undertaking a core service assessment to ensure long-term financial stability.

During community engagement sessions of the Special Rate Variation process, feedback was overwhelmingly in opposition to an application for rate increase. This led to a Council decision to pursue a core service assessment, rather than continuing the SRV process.

Chief Executive Officer of Upper Lachlan Shire Council, Ms. Alex Waldron, acknowledged the concerns raised in the community engagement sessions.

“The cost of living is hitting everyone in the community hard, and the Upper Lachlan Shire Council is not immune to increased costs for energy, insurances, and supply costs.

“Following the report from the AEC group on the SRV process, it’s clear that a thorough review of Council’s operations is absolutely necessary,” said Ms. Waldron.

“The review process is in early stages and will involve extensive consultation with all levels of staff and community before any decisions are made.”

“The aim of the assessment is to identify areas for improved efficiency across each department and a comprehensive understanding of ULSC’s operations and obligations.”

Upper Lachlan Shire Mayor Pam Kensit and Councillors supported the service level review process.

Mayor Kensit said, “I have complete faith that we will get through these difficult times, but the message from the community was loud and clear – to cut the coat according to the cloth. This means that we need to improve internal efficiencies before increasing rates.”

As the assessment process is underway, a report from the Executive will be tabled at a future Council meeting.

No decisions have been made in relation to any services and all financial decisions or service reviews will be presented to, and decided by Council in consultation with the community.

It’s unfortunate the United Services Union has seen fit to facilitate a motion of no confidence in two of the Executive team and one council staff member despite no final report being submitted to Council.

“Despite the no-confidence motion – Council will continue to work with the United Services Union but it is unfortunate that the union cannot see the merit in service assessment to ensure financial sustainability and ultimately protect local jobs,” Ms Waldron said.