The Crookwell Street Parade makes a sensational return


The Crookwell Street Parade is back to stay!

That was the declaration of co-organiser Robert Bill after the return of the Crookwell Country Weekend after more than a decade.

“There was just such a great feeling, a great atmosphere in the town and people kept mentioning they’d waited a long time for it to return.

“Everyone was excited. Kids were having an absolute ball. You couldn’t have asked for better weather for a parade and there was a such a good crowd to watch it.

“Even walking up and down the blocks was pleasurable because you could just see how happy people were to be taking part.

Another aspect Mr Bill was particularly pleased with was how the crowd stayed long after the parade, enjoying the opportunity to mingle with their community, enjoying the weather and other events like the busking and ute competition.

Mr Bill, who organised the parade along with his wife and several members of Council staff, said the one disappointment was the absence of the RFS trucks.

“Part of the theme of the parade was a tribute to all of our first responders who’ve taken such good care of us over the last four years,” he said.

“So it’s a bit ironic in a way that the RFS vehicles weren’t here to receive our thanks because they were out again doing more of the stuff we want to thank them for. Fortunately we had three RFS members able to join the march.

“The hospital was also meant to take part and be thanked for their work getting us through COVID but they ended up having problems with numbers.

But the parade had first responders, bagpipes and drums, marching girls, sporting teams, special cars, a motorcycle club, community groups, Council and all of the Crookwell schools.

Two of those schools, Crookwell Public School and St Mary’s were judged joint winners of the parade by special guest judges Sylvia Cullen and Karen Harwood, who had long involvements as organisers of previous Country Weekends, and business owner Floyd Davies.

The two schools will split the $1,000 prize money for best float.

Mr Bill wanted to praise Council staff and volunteers for marshalling the float and ensuring it all ran smoothly.

“And I want to thank the whole sub-committee that organised the parade,” he said.

“We worked as a team, and I’d especially like to thank Colleen Worthy who was a pleasure to work with, and her drive and attitude were inspirational.

Mr Bills aid that he hoped this year’s Country Weekend and parade weren’t a flash in the pan and would reignite it as a regular event.

“What we got together this year was done pretty quickly,” he said.

“Hopefully now it will attract other community-minded people who can make it even bigger and ensure it’s here to stay.”

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