Crookwell Main Street Tree Replacement

Council is proposing to replace the trees recently removed from the main business centre of Crookwell and are seeking feedback from the community to ensure we plant the right trees.

Council’s aim is to plant trees that will grow to maturity and provide benefits to current and future generations. To do this we need the community’s help. With your assistance we will:

  • plant the right trees in the right locations;
  • nurture the trees to maturity; and
  • provide a visually pleasing street appearance.

Council has listened to the community with respect to selecting an appropriate species of tree to be replanted and welcomes the input from the community to guide the selection process for a suitable tree species.

Survey responses will be received until 4pm on Tuesday 26 March 2024.


The following links provide information on a number of trees that have been recommended.

Option 1. Tulip Tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) –
The Tulip tree is fast growing, tall and upright producing large tulip shaped flowers with golden yellow leaves in autumn.

Option 2. Lipstick Maple (acer rubrum) –
The Lipstick Maple is a deciduous tree with a rather upright habit. Autumn colour is a dark pinkish-red developing to crimson or dark orange-red

Option 3. Magnolia Exmouth (Magnolia grandiflora Exmouth) –
The Magnolia is a medium sized evergreen tree producing large creamy white flowers in summer.

Option 4. No tree to be selected for Goulburn Street. Council will not replace the trees that were removed.


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