DA 234/2023 on exhibition: Residential subdivision in Gunning

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Development Application DA 234/2023 for a proposed 23 Lot Residential Subdivision in Gunning is currently on exhibition.

NSW LGAs use the NSW Planning Portal for DAs that are placed on exhibition, in addition to sending letters to neighbours to advertise.If you wish to view the DA or make a submission, please click the link below.

Proposed 23 Lot Subdivision Gunning.

One response to “DA 234/2023 on exhibition: Residential subdivision in Gunning”

  1. I hate that we move here to escape Crace and you recreate Crace. Nobody wants Crace. Move to Crace. Stay in Crace. Stay in Canberra. Complain about my rooster and see what happens. Go back to Canberra. Stay in Canberra. Vote out every ULSC Councillor, they don’t care about us. They only care about their own agendas. The Greens of Gunning is disgusting. Let it be the last eyesore here. It’s not progress, it’s money grubbing. Gunning is healthy living. Your plan for Gunning is unhealthy. Save Gunning before it’s too late.