PUBLIC EXHIBITION: Council related Development Application Conflict of Interest Policy

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About this policy

This draft policy was developed due to new requirements being introduced into the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021 to address conflicts of interest in council related development.

Part of these requirements is that Councils must adopt a policy that specifies how conflicts of interest in connection with council-related development applications will be handled.

A draft Policy “Council-related Development Application Conflict of Interest’ was endorsed by Council at its meeting of 20 April 2023 and is now on public exhibition.

What will change?

Where Council is a developer, landowner or holds a commercial interest in the land they regulate, and they are development regulators an inherent conflict can arise. Identifying these conflicts of interest early and finding ways to address them is crucial to good governance and allows councils to strengthen their relationship with communities and build and enhance trust.

Council related developments are defined as:

A development application for which the council is the consent authority, that is –
(a) made by or on behalf of the council, or
(b) for development on land –
(i) of which the council is an owner, a lessee or a licensee, or
(ii) otherwise vested in or under the control of the council.

More information
Draft Policy – Council-related Development Application Conflict of Interest

Have your say
Community and stakeholder input is important. Your feedback will be considered and the final draft will go to Council for adoption. This policy is on public exhibition from 25 May 2023 until 4pm, 21 June 2023.

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